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mudas de Campomanesia Adamantium

Guavira has nutritional benefits, and the use of its rind and pulp allows the fruit to be used by people who want to use it for the manufacture of various products, such as, for example, regional fruit popsicles from Mato Grosso do Sul. The use of guavira helps the local economy, preserves and encourages regional culture. In this sense, State Law No. 5.082, on November 7, 2017 , declares the guavira as a symbol of Mato Grosso do Sul, which served to assist in the step and in the recovery of knowledge of the fruit by the population in general.

The consumption of “ in natura ” fruits, as well as products in the form of ice cream, liquor, juice and jelly is widespread by the population of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The book “Plantas do gênero Campomanesia: potenciais medicinal e nutracêutico” brings research by different authors, with different perspectives, in order to open the topic to new reflections, research and products. This fruit helps the local economy and encourages regional culture; therefore, in 2017, it became the symbol of MS and its inclusion was authorized in all tourist promotions.


There is a reduction in the number of guavirais, whose visit is a traditional cultural practice carried out by families from rural and urban areas in municipalities such as Bonito, Bela Vista, both in MS, among others. In order for this situation to be reversed, it is necessary that research be carried out with this plant species and the integration between the scientific community, the business community and society in general, culminate in several actions that favor the generation of income.


Abundant raw material is a key ingredient to encourage new companies and industries to work with this product, resulting in more jobs and income and improving the labor market.


Strengthening the guavira production chain, from small producers and extractivists to the product ready on the market for the final consumer, in a sustainable way and with economic balance for those involved, will bring a market that will tend to grow, bringing a prosperous future.

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